Twice Fortnightly – Paperbacks now available!

That’s right! I’ve reviewed my proof copies and deemed them correct, so my books are now buyable in print. Currently they are only available in the CreateSpace eStore (Going Home and Dress Rehearsal Rag) but they should become available on Amazon and elsewhere within the next few days. Very exciting! I’m keeping the proof copies as my own copies, and it Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Paperbacks now available!

Twice Fortnightly – Back Into The Groove

After my little setback last week, this week I feel like I’ve really gotten back into the groove. In spite of a busy week at work and socially, I have: Read through a few more chapters of my current MS. I’m really enjoying working with it, but I’ve come to realize that it’s gonna need a lot more work than Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Back Into The Groove

Twice Fortnightly – A Case of Sleepyitis

This week didn’t go quite as planned. I got, apparently, an unexpected case of sleepyitis. I kept thinking I’d do this or the other thing in the evening and then there I was, eyelids drooping way earlier than normal. This hampered my productivity a bit, especially on the day when I was at my day job during my non-sleepy hours. Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – A Case of Sleepyitis

Twice Fortnightly – That lovely smell…

…of printer ink! This is the MS for my next big project. Rougly 105 pages which took my wee printer a good long time to write. I drafted this project during Camp NaNo in April, and it is chaos! It’s totally anachronic (not in a good way!) and has a bunch of viewpoint characters with very different lenghts of sections (two have Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – That lovely smell…

Twice Fortnightly – After Camp

I told you already last week, though the month wasn’t over yet, that I won Camp. My total word count came to just shy of 20k, so I was quite happy with that. As I’ve also mentioned I was working on some erotic shorts that I’ll be publishing under a pen name. I should be announcing the name and my Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – After Camp

Twice Fortnightly – More Baby Steps

It’s been a pretty good week, here. Nice weather and a lot of things checked off the to-do list. Mostly small things, but it’s progress anyway. I’ve had a strange feeling of being very busy and at the same time not really doing anything. In spite of that, this past week I have: Done my daily writing, just random bits Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – More Baby Steps

Twice Fortnightly – I survived Camp! So… Now what?

That’s right, I survived Camp NaNo once again! I even won, reaching my word goal of 50k, which feels pretty dang awesome. Writing this story was a bit of a wild ride; it sprawled all over the place like a well-fed weed. It also decided that it wants to be a graphic novel when it grows up, which is a Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – I survived Camp! So… Now what?

Twice Fortnightly – Halfway There!

Hey, another week, another blog post! And I made it to 25k for CampNaNoWriMo. Yay! As you can see below, it’s been upward and onward all week! Feels pretty awesome. I’ve been regularly writing 2k or so daily for the last while, and really enjoying this story. Today’s been a bit of an off day with only 700 words so Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Halfway There!

Twice Fortnightly – No P-o-D, but lots of creative energy!

That’s right, folks, I still haven’t looked into the Print-on-Demand thing. I should probably stop saying I will, and just let ya’ll be pleasantly surprised when I actually do it. So, what have I done this week? Well, this: Not a very productive week, as you can see. I had this freelance project I was working on, which was a lot more Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – No P-o-D, but lots of creative energy!

Twice Fortnightly – Happy Easter!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter weekend, Christians, heathens and others alike! I’ve spent a few days in the countryside, in my parents’ summerhouse, enjoying good food, board games and good company, but only semi-decent weather. As I normally do, I slightly overestimated how much writing I’d get done while away. Or rather I underestimated how much time Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Happy Easter!