Twice Fortnightly – After Camp

I told you already last week, though the month wasn’t over yet, that I won Camp. My total word count came to just shy of 20k, so I was quite happy with that. As I’ve also mentioned I was working on some erotic shorts that I’ll be publishing under a pen name. I should be announcing the name and my first release relatively shortly, and after that I will not be talking about my adventures in erotica here other than maybe very occasionally.

So what did I do last week, except finish Camp? Well, I posted my Worldbuilding Wednesday and Flash Fiction Friday. The latter is a fun short piece based on a written prompt, the former is about my map which I’m still working on. I’ve made quite a bit of progress with it! I’ve also finished beta reading a project for a friend this weekend. Always fun!

So what about next week? Well, I will keep up my worldbuilding as well as my Wednesday and Friday regular posts. I hope to finish my map enough that I can stop drawing by hand (which I’m doing to outline the landmasses) and start going digital (which I’ll use to add color and detail). I will probably most be doing writing-adjacent things this week, setting up for my new pen name etc, but I do have a short story I’d like to go through and edit.

In more exciting news, I will also be planning a giveaway for the PoD editions of both Going Home and Dress Rehearsal Rag, which are finally taking shape. I won’t be announcing the dates or prices just yet, but I will have everything planned out by this time next week. If I’m lucky, I might even be waiting for my proof copies by then.

I’m also ordering ink for my printer! That might not sound writing-related but believe me it is. It makes such a difference to be able to read a manuscript on paper before beginning edits.

That’s about it, folks! Sweet dreams!


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