Twice Fortnightly – Oh, it’s Monday!

Monday night. Long day. Can’t brain. Here’s week: Wrote for 7h. For once didn’t cram 2-3h into Sunday evening. Did Flash Fiction Friday. Started working on my February #12for12stories. It’s about a vampire. Brainstormed about the 3rd (and fourth) Orryn novella as well as the Orryn 1+2 rewrites. Did some conlanging, which I’ve been getting into lately but not really mentioned yet. Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Oh, it’s Monday!

Flash Fiction Friday – Clarity

Normally I write my Flash Fiction piece on the Friday evening, just before posting it. Today I had some time to kill in the afternoon and typed it all up then, butI wasn’t connected to the internet at the time so I’m posting it now. It features, once again, my D&D character Seshmet: The gravel crunched underfoot as Seshmet stepped Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – Clarity

Twice Fortnightly – Bit of a Slump

Last week wasn’t great, writing wise. I was busy, I was tired, and I also planned my time badly. So what I ended up doing was this: Spent about 6h on writing. Disappointed about that one. Posted for Flash Fiction Friday. Picked a story for my #12for12stories short, but didn’t look at it yet. Had a crit group meeting, productive as Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Bit of a Slump

Orryn Reborn – The What and the When

Tonight I wanna tell you about a hard, writing-related decision I recently made. I actually made it a few weeks ago, but I needed a bit of time to process before announcing it publically. To basic gist is this: I will be re-editing and rereleasing both books in my Orryn Novella series, Going Home and Dress Rehearsal Rag. There will be some significant, Continue reading Orryn Reborn – The What and the When

Flash Fiction Friday – Shine

Hey guys. Super sleepy late-night flash fiction time. I did a different thing today and used a Random Word Generator for this piece. Picked the ten words option, and rerandomized them a few times until one combination popped out at me. Results are below: He’d never really been comfortable enough to express his artistics self. He’d fled from poetry into the Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – Shine

Twice Fortnightly – Linguistic Love, and News to Come

I have started my, effectively, second week of school and can I just say: holy shit I love linguistics! I mean, technically I’ve been doing linguistics for a while now, but there’s a big difference between working independently, and very very slowly, on a paper and going to actual lectures with reading and fun examples and exercises. It’s just such Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Linguistic Love, and News to Come

Flash Fiction Friday – Three Dark Gods

Hello lovelies. Hope you all are having a good week. Mine’s been pretty good, but exhausting. My writing goal for this week is only 7 hours, and I was only at about 1 1/2 hours before I started working on this flash fiction piece. And for once, it wasn’t due to procrastination, just evening tiredness. That being said, I have been Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – Three Dark Gods

Twice Fortnightly – School’s On!

School has now officially started for me, and so far I’m off to a good start! Weird to go from barely having classes to having classes 4 days the same week, though. Writing wise, last week I: Posted a weird little Flash Fiction Friday. Edited the rest of ABMF, but did not start on the outline. Finished my #12for12stories January Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – School’s On!

Flash Fiction Friday – Very Meta

It’s late and I’m sleepy, and here’s a thing. Very Meta There was no going back now. A little while ago, she might’ve been able to back out or make up some excuse, find some reason not to do it or not to do it today, anyway. It would’ve been nice, just being able to put it aside until a Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – Very Meta

Twice Fortnightly – Untitled

I’m having a bit of a blank-brain day today, which honestly isn’t that bad because I had some practical errands to run and some relaxing to do. But that meant no writing today, and no energy for blog titles, or blog posts really so this’ll be short. This week I: Got about 12 hours of writing done (two more than Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Untitled