Patreon Re-opened (Worldbuilding adjascent)

Hi everyone! This is just a little note to let you know that my Patreon is now off hiatus and active once more, as of last week.I’m very excited! There’s a post (open to patrons and others alike) about that here, where I also explain some changes I’ve made to it. For those of you who don’t know, I have Continue reading Patreon Re-opened (Worldbuilding adjascent)

Twice Fortnightly No More

Today I came to a decision. Unlike far too many of my decisions, I can honestly say the entire process from thinking I should make a decision to actually making and executing it happened in the same day. The decision is this: I’m going to stop writing my Twice Fortnightly blogs. I’ve been doing these weekly posts for quite a Continue reading Twice Fortnightly No More

Twice Fortnightly – Getting There

I did a bit better with my time tracking this week! I still relied a bit too heavily on the 4TheWords automatic timer, with all it’s pauses, but toward the weekend I remembered to actually manually track my editing work. Go me! Overall my writing week had a bumpy start but got smoother, and hopefully I can carry on that Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Getting There

Twice Fortnightly – A Good Time, but How Much of it?

Last week was a good writing week. Gods, I love those! I want every week to be one of those, to be honest. In spite of that, I only registered 12 writing hours in my tracker which feels like it’s quite a bit lower than the time I actually spent. I think I may have not been taking care with Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – A Good Time, but How Much of it?

Writing Goals for 2018 + First Twice Fortnightly of the Year

2017 is over. And, like… phew! I feel like that’s all I can say about it when it’s been a bad year for me but so much worse for so much of the world. So instead, let’s talk about 2018! As the regular reader of this blog knows, I like goals. I find them helpful both in visualizing my future, Continue reading Writing Goals for 2018 + First Twice Fortnightly of the Year

Twice Fortnightly – Almost over the hurdle

Tonight I turned in my second to last term paper. The last one is already a week late (aaaah!) but should be finished tomorrow (yaaaay!). Which means that on Wednesday, I can finally shift my focus back to writing (have really only done Adventboost in the last week or two and nothing else), with the following goals: Spend 10h on Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Almost over the hurdle

Twice Fortnightly – Coming Down From NaNo

So, another December has begun and another NaNoWriMo has been won. Last week was a tough one, to be honest. I won NaNo by the skin of my teeth and the last part of the draft was a bit of a mess as my outline got derailed by worldbuilding details that came up organically while I drafted. But I am Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Coming Down From NaNo

Twice Fortnightly – Hi there! Bye there!

Hello! Tiny little blog update time! Cuz it’s just one of those nights when I don’t have too much to say and my week can basically be described as “more NaNo!”. I hit 30k, had a lot of fun with my draft including a Thursday Morning Tea Time stream with some brainstorming, and I even started working on that short Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Hi there! Bye there!

Twice Fortnightly – Catching Up!

Two NaNo weeks down, two and change to go! And it’s finally starting to feel like NaNo to me. As I mentioned last week, I had a really slow start this time. As of this weekend, I feel like I’ve finally gotten into the flow with the story, which is a delightful feeling. I wrote 3.5k yesterday! Not something I expect to Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Catching Up!