A Born Organizer

I’ve always been into organizing. I don’t just mean that I’ve always been good at it, but that I’ve always found it to be enjoyable in some way. My parents have told me that as a toddler, I could spend hours arranging the plastic containers in the kitchen (you know, Tupperware, empty ice cream bins, that sort of thing) along Continue reading A Born Organizer

Nailed It!

Lately I’ve gotten really into nails and manicures. I mean, I’ve always liked having some nice color on my nails (as well as keeping them fairly long) but it’s only lately that I’ve really gotten into trying to learn how to do my nails in different ways. For some reason, when I was younger I had this feeling that, being Continue reading Nailed It!

M is for Main Characters

My stories often, but not always, start with main characters. Occasionally they’ll start with a concept or setting but usually the main character function as the seed from which the story grows. That’s just how I roll, I guess. A long time ago I had one main character. I kept adding adventures and character traits to her until I, at Continue reading M is for Main Characters

Lonely no more

I’ve frequently heard (or rather, read) people refer to being a writer as “the loneliest job on Earth”. Maybe there was a time when that was true (although I’m not entirely convinced) but I certainly don’t think it’s true anymore. It seems to be that the plethora of venues, online and offline, for getting to know and collaborating with other Continue reading Lonely no more

Release the Kraken!

The letter K is a tricky one. So many words that have a K-sounding phonome in the beginning are actually spelled with C in English and it doesn’t help that in many cases the same word in my native language, Swedish, is quite similar but spelled with a K. I spent a lot of time going “K…k…camera! No… k…cats! Dang! Continue reading Release the Kraken!

On your marks, get set…. Jog!

I never really took myself for a jogger. I was always under the impression that jogging was boring, and then a few years ago I decided to try the C25K jogging program. I discovered that not only do I not find jogging boring, I actually really like it! There’s just something… meditative, maybe, about it. It’s satisfying as a workout, to Continue reading On your marks, get set…. Jog!

Camp NaNo Inspiration

Inspiration can come from all kinds of things, from the mundane to the fantastic. My current project for Camp NaNoWriMo has been inspired by, among other things and in no particular order: River Song from Doctor Who Vests and bodices The color blue Zhaan from Farscape The notion of identity Spiders Axolotls The combination of white, black and burgundy Non-traditional relationships and chosen Continue reading Camp NaNo Inspiration

Humor Me!

Sometimes I think that the absolute hardest thing to do in writing is to be funny. I just don’t know how to do it! I liked to consider myself a pretty funny person outside of writing, but I don’t know how to make that translate into my fiction. I find myself writing things, little puns or exchanges, that I find Continue reading Humor Me!

Games and Goals

Since I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo a word that’s constantly on my mind is: Goals! I’m talking, of course, about word goals. I’m drafting a novella for Camp and my overall word goal is 30k by the end of the month. This leaves me with a daily word goal of an, in my opinion, reasonably leisurely 1k per day. It doesn’t really Continue reading Games and Goals