Adventboost 2017 – Day 19 – The Letter by Yangyang Mobile

Lately, I’ve been getting kind of into watching visual novels. Yes, that’s right, I didn’t say playing visual novels, I said watching. That is, watching some streamer I like play one. I don’t know if I’d actually enjoy playing one myself, just because I’m neither much of a gamer or particularly patient and visual novels usually requires a lot of hours put Continue reading Adventboost 2017 – Day 19 – The Letter by Yangyang Mobile

Flash Fiction – Ivory Predictions

Last night, I wrote Flash Fiction live on my Twitch stream for the first time! It was an interesting experience. A few trolls, but those were easily banned. Most of the stream was actually about other things, I conlanged some and ended up talking about worldbuilding with someone, so the flash fiction did sort of take a back seat but Continue reading Flash Fiction – Ivory Predictions

Games and Goals

Since I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo a word that’s constantly on my mind is: Goals! I’m talking, of course, about word goals. I’m drafting a novella for Camp and my overall word goal is 30k by the end of the month. This leaves me with a daily word goal of an, in my opinion, reasonably leisurely 1k per day. It doesn’t really Continue reading Games and Goals