Twice Fortnightly – Talk to Me, Baby!

I’ve just returned from a rather lovely weekend at my parents’ summer house, where we celebrated Easter. I spent most of my time eating, napping, reading and watching people roleplay on YouTube. All in all, not bad! Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter too, celebrating or not. I discovered something cool this week, namely that dictation apps (voice-to-text) are really Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Talk to Me, Baby!

Twice Fortnightly – Happy Easter!

It’s Easter week! Hope ya’ll are doing good. I’m having a chill week this week, since apart from a brief thing on Wednesday I’m on vacation from work. I’m trying to focus on my thesis to feel like I’m getting some proper progress on that. It’s going pretty well, so far. We’ll see. Writing wise, since my last Twice Fortnightly Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Happy Easter!

Twice Fortnightly – Happy Easter!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely Easter weekend, Christians, heathens and others alike! I’ve spent a few days in the countryside, in my parents’ summerhouse, enjoying good food, board games and good company, but only semi-decent weather. As I normally do, I slightly overestimated how much writing I’d get done while away. Or rather I underestimated how much time Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Happy Easter!

Nailed It!

Lately I’ve gotten really into nails and manicures. I mean, I’ve always liked having some nice color on my nails (as well as keeping them fairly long) but it’s only lately that I’ve really gotten into trying to learn how to do my nails in different ways. For some reason, when I was younger I had this feeling that, being Continue reading Nailed It!