Twice Fortnightly – Post-deadline

Last night I had a big deadline for my English course, which I submitted (with some technical difficulties) just in the nick of time (as is unfortunately my custom). It didn’t turn out very well but at least it turned out, and that’s really all I care about when it comes to my literature modules since I don’t actually enjoy Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Post-deadline

Flash Fiction Friday – The Fog

Yesterday evening it was decided that my at-home RPG group, the one where I’m the GM, will begin a campaign of Blades in The Dark (created by the brilliant John Harper) our next session. I’m very excited to be running this system. I’ve been watching a fair few games of it played online and the mechanics seem awesome, and the aesthetics Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – The Fog

Twice Fortnightly – Happy Easter

Hello lovelies!  Hope your Easter weekend was nice and relaxing. Mine was quite busy (in a good way) with writing and contained a lot of food. Frankly, that’s all I want out of a weekend! I managed to completely blank on my Flash Fiction Friday post, only realizing sometime in the early afternoon on Saturday that I hadn’t done it. Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Happy Easter

Twice Fortnightly – Logging Lapse

Last week was a weird week, writing wise. I noted down a total of 7h in my writing log of my 10h goal (would’ve been 9h except I folded to my conscience and spent my Sunday evening reading for class)… but I could swear I did more writing than that! I keep looking at the log and going “but surely Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Logging Lapse

Flash Fiction Friday – Objectionable

Odd little piece tonight, inspired by Great Expectations. Without further ado: “You should know,” she said, a haughty look on her proud features as she overlooked the garden. “That I don’t have a heart.” “I know that,” I replied. “But why should I care?” She looked surprised then, the first genuine reaction I’d seen in her all night. She quickly smoothed Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – Objectionable

Twice Fortnightly – New Month, New Page

How did it get to be April already? The beginning of the year went at a leisurely pace for me but March just galloped by! This is a big month for me. First month in over 6 years without a stable income. It feels wrong to say I’m unemployed, because I’m registered in some temping agencies where it should be Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – New Month, New Page

Flash Fiction Friday- Shadow Wolves

For once, my Flash Fiction Friday piece wasn’t written today. Let’s get right to it: “Do not provoke me, little pup!” she spat, opening her fingers wide with a flourish of her wrist. Ana didn’t flinch, stood as tall as ever. They were face to face, just a foot or two apart, and neither would budge. In the corner of my eye Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday- Shadow Wolves

Twice Fortnightly – Last Week on the Job

This week is my last week at my current day job. Today I had the day off, but I’m working Tues-Fri. I’ve got a slew of stuff to finish, but I’m not sure how much time it’ll really take. I’ve never had to “finish up” a job before, for the past 6 years I’ve generally been able to say “oh, Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Last Week on the Job

Flash Fiction Friday – The Other Dimension

I asked Twitter for writing prompts for tonight, and a good Twitter-friend, Signý suggested I write about me and my friends getting sucked into another dimension. So I did. Me and her, more specifically. Here we go: “Uh-oh,” I said when the rift in reality appeared directly adjecent to my coffee table. “That doesn’t look good at all.” The next Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – The Other Dimension

Twice Fortnightly – Computer Woes

Hello lovelies, I hope this Monday is treating you well so far. I’ve had a calm day myself, a bit of volunteering, lunch with a friend and some practicing for my exam tomorrow. The topic is English Syntax, Phonetics & Phonology, and Semantics. All fun topics. It should go okay. I doubt I’ll get an A, but maybe a B and Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Computer Woes