Flash Fiction Friday – How May I Help You?

Yesterday I finally manage to do my writing stream! I think it’s been 2-3 weeks since the last time, but it feels like longer. I have moved my writing stream from Thursday evenings to Thursday mornings because it suits my current schedule better. I did some conlanging, and also wrote the following piece based on a Seventh Sanctum prompt. As I Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – How May I Help You?

Release the Kraken!

The letter K is a tricky one. So many words that have a K-sounding phonome in the beginning are actually spelled with C in English and it doesn’t help that in many cases the same word in my native language, Swedish, is quite similar but spelled with a K. I spent a lot of time going “K…k…camera! No… k…cats! Dang! Continue reading Release the Kraken!