Flash Fiction Friday- Shadow Wolves

For once, my Flash Fiction Friday piece wasn’t written today. Let’s get right to it: “Do not provoke me, little pup!” she spat, opening her fingers wide with a flourish of her wrist. Ana didn’t flinch, stood as tall as ever. They were face to face, just a foot or two apart, and neither would budge. In the corner of my eye Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday- Shadow Wolves

Flash Fiction Friday – Tonight is the Night

Tonight I dreamed of vampires, boarding schools and rebellion, so I wrote this little piece (a bit sloppy because it’s late and I’m sleepy). Hope you like it. Tonight was the night. They would try to rise, and if they failed at least they would finally fall. She stopped for a moment, peeking out through the crack in the door. Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – Tonight is the Night

Release the Kraken!

The letter K is a tricky one. So many words that have a K-sounding phonome in the beginning are actually spelled with C in English and it doesn’t help that in many cases the same word in my native language, Swedish, is quite similar but spelled with a K. I spent a lot of time going “K…k…camera! No… k…cats! Dang! Continue reading Release the Kraken!