I used to write a lot of poetry. My most productive period was probably about 17-20 years of age. At 19 I published a poetry book as a school project. In the last few years I’ve written considerably less poetry. Not quite sure why, but I miss it and I really think I should try and get back into it since I really do enjoy it. I’ve just… fallen out of the habit somehow.

Here’s a poem that I wrote when I was 19. I wrote it shortly before having sex for the first time, and shortly after meeting the man I had it with. It remains one of my favorites.

Something In-between

I’m trapped in this new institution
This creature I’ve grown up to be
Which isn’t quite fair
And isn’t quite foul
But a so acceptable
Something in-between

I’m stuck with this strange evolution
This pause before coming of age
To ache like a woman
But break like a girl
In this unbearable
Something in-between

I’m caught in this whirl of temptation
This illusion so bright and so clear
Which isn’t quite life
And isn’t quite art
But an irresistible
Something in-between

I’m dazed by this sudden sensation
Of being like a trembling hand
Which doesn’t quite fear
But doesn’t quite hope
For this inconceivable
Something in-between

I’m addicted to this sweet confusion
This feeling so truly complex
Which isn’t quite love
And isn’t quite sex
But an indefinable
And yet so undeniable
Something in-between

If you want to read more of my poetry, you can visit my page on DeviantArt, where I have a lot of poems, a few snippets of prose and some photos. Most of the stuff on there is quite old but some of it’s newer and honestly… even if my older stuff is often very adolescent, that’s not always a bad thing. I do have a lot of poems on my computer that are waiting for that finishing touch. One of these days, I should make a project of it…

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  1. I have been writing poetry since I don’ t know when. When I am bored (at conferences) I usually pen out some Dr. Seuss style prose about the agony I am going through at the meeting. Stopping by from A-Z.

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