Flash Fiction Friday – The Immortal

Hey guys! It’s time for Flash Fiction Friday! I was watching the first half of Return of the King today with my parents, and tonight’s flash fiction piece, rather than being a Dixit prompt or from some prompt generator, is inspired by the character Arwen and the idea of an immortal sire to mortal progeny. Here it is: The girl had Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – The Immortal

Twice Fortnightly – So many ideas!

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been brainstorming a bit about the future of the Orryn series lately and I have to tell you… at this point I am virtually swimming in ideas. It seems I can barely turn around without coming up with some new aspect I want to explore, a new theme or incident, a new perspective or reaction from one Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – So many ideas!

Guest Spotlight – Z.R. Southcombe on Roald Dahl: Inspiration and Imagination

Today I’m very happy to introduce the first ever guest post here on my blog, a short “spotlight” post by my good friend and fellow writer Z.R. Southcombe about one of her literary idols. Z.R. released her debut What Stars Are Made Of, a word-less storybook, in late 2014 and just yesterday her latest novel, The Caretaker of Imagination, was launched. Continue reading Guest Spotlight – Z.R. Southcombe on Roald Dahl: Inspiration and Imagination

Spotlight – Leonard Cohen (Live in Concert)

Note: I have for some time planned to start doing “Spotlight” posts on artists, writers, characters, genres, series and whatever else that I am particularly fond of. I wanted to start by writing about my all-time favorite musician and one of the biggest sources of poetic inspiration in my life, Leonard Cohen. But instead of writing something new, I wanted Continue reading Spotlight – Leonard Cohen (Live in Concert)

Goin’ Places/Show and Tell – ThinkKit Prompt #26 and #27

Two ThinkKit prompts in one day today, again. I had actually planned to post yesterday but I ended up going to a late of The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies and when I got back home I was just too sleepy to put the computer on. Yesterday’s prompt was to write about a place that stood out for you in Continue reading Goin’ Places/Show and Tell – ThinkKit Prompt #26 and #27

Twice Fortnightly – Regional Inspiration

This weekend I went on a road trip. Or rather, I went to visit an uncle for a family thing, and most of Saturday was spent on a road trip exploring sights he’d picked out in his region. We visited a nature reserve, an old church and the ruin of an abbey, an arboretum and an extraordinary cheese store. It Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Regional Inspiration

One Year to a Writing Life – May

So, the fifth chapter in One Year to a Writing Life is about dreams and writing. That was a bit of a change of pace from the previous chapters, and since I’ve been in the habit of writing down my dreams (provided they are interesting and/or I can remember them coherently enough) I was curious about what the exercises would be Continue reading One Year to a Writing Life – May

Camp NaNo Inspiration

Inspiration can come from all kinds of things, from the mundane to the fantastic. My current project for Camp NaNoWriMo has been inspired by, among other things and in no particular order: River Song from Doctor Who Vests and bodices The color blue Zhaan from Farscape The notion of identity Spiders Axolotls The combination of white, black and burgundy Non-traditional relationships and chosen Continue reading Camp NaNo Inspiration

A Crazy Doll Lady?

I tried to think of a witty way to start this post but I guess Friday evenings just aren’t my wittiest time of the week, so I’ll get right to it instead: I collect dolls. Not just any dolls, a particular type of dolls called ABJD (Asian Ball-jointed Doll) or just BJD. Instead of giving some long explanation of what Continue reading A Crazy Doll Lady?