Twice Fortnightly – Heaps of Progress

I’ve had on of those wonderfully energetic weeks where you accomplish a lot but it doesn’t feel like you’ve done that much. Yay for those! I hope to carry on the trend into next week. The work with the sequel is going really well. I’m very happy with how it’s shaping up this time around, and it’s always nice when you feel like things are falling into place a bit more. This week, I have:

  • Done my daily writing, with at least 100 words/day. However, on the days where I did a lot of drafting when working on the sequel, I counted that as daily writing.
  • Started reworking the sequel. I finished chapter 1-7 without any problems so yay!
  • Made an outline for my Camp NaNo project. It’s a bit rough, but it’ll do for now.
  • Upload a few more haikus to Wattpad.
  • Made a word cloud for Going Home, which you can see in this post.
  • Sent out my first ever newsletter! Yay! I will be sending newsletters once per month, as a sort of recap, and occasionally when something special happens like a new release. If you want to receive it, use the handy little form at the top of the right-hand menu.
  • Realized a really silly error I made in Going Home. So once I’ve figured out how to solve it, I will upload an updated version of the book to the relevant parties. I don’t mind though; I was planning to correct some typos soon anyway.

Honestly, the only real downside to the In the coming week I will:

  • Do my daily writing, 100 words/day, the days when I draft during my re-write excepted.
  • Continue working on the sequel. I hope to finish chapters 8-15, where 8-13 just need some minor or major tweaks but 14 and 15 will be drafting.
  • Announce the title for the sequel! Exciting times!
  • Post a Hub, about Nerdblocks again
  • Do research on Print-on-Demand services, since my first choice fell through.

Well, dinner and Agent Carter is calling me, so I’ll round off here. Take care, everyone!

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