Twice Fortnightly – Decisions Made

This has been a very productive week on a theoretical level, and a slightly less productive week on a practical level. I’ve made some “big choices” , as it were, about my current writing projects and it feels great to put some of my questions marks behind me. The biggest of the two choices was settling on a path to go down with my next release, the sequel of Going Home. I had been struggling a bit with how to structure it but I think I’ve solved that now. My solution involves expanding the story beyond the original scope. In the end I estimate about 60% of the story will be my original draft, so it’ll be quite a lot of extra work but in the end I think it’ll be worth it. I even made an outline of the “new” story today in Scrivener! I do love the cork-board feature. It’s so handy. Don’t look to closely if you want to avoid spoilers though!

Image 026So, this week I have:

  • Finished my pre-editing of the sequel, decided where to go with the rewrite and made the outline above.
  • Picked a title for the sequel! I need to sit on it for a few days before announcing it, though, to make sure it doesn’t chafe.
  • Done my daily writing… sort of. I managed five days, but on those days I wrote 100+ words each. No one-haiku days!
  • Added a few haikus to my Wattpad album.
  • Posted on the blog about some awesome releases by friends!
  • Aaaand…. picked a project for Camp NaNo in April. Yay!

So yeah… more planing that writing this past week but still pretty good! Next week I will:

  • Do my daily writing, at least 100 words/day
  • Start reworking the sequel. My goal is chapters 1-7. Of those, 2 are only half drafted, another 3 need fairly extensive changes and the remaining 2 are more or less being kept intact (until the finer editing starts, that is).
  • Make an outline for my Camp NaNo project. It’s a bit early for being me, but this project has more characters and sub-plots than what I normally work with so I want to have plenty of time to prepare.
  • Upload even more haikus on Wattpad.
  • Post about… something. On Friday. Haven’t decided what yet.

Right, I’m off to write a grocery list. It’s almost pay-day, after all!


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