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It’s been a strange week, friends. Though after all the great things that happened, writing-wise, last week this one was bound to be a little bit of a let down either way. I’m in this mood where I want to work on all my writing projects at once and most days I’m vaguely irked that things like work, sleep, school and housework keep getting in the way. At the same time I can’t quite seem to focus on any one project. What I really need to do is just sit down with the rewrite of the sequel. I haven’t gotten the feedback I wanted on it yet but there are plenty of things I can do even before decide what to do about the issues I want feedback on. Anyway, this week I have:

  • Done my daily writing. This mostly involved little scenes from two shorts I’ve recently decided to write. One is about Orryn and takes place shortly after the sequel (so it might be included in it as a sort of epilogue) and the other is a little bit of back-story for the side-character Miranda from Going Home.
  • I finished another Hub reviewing Nerd Blocks, but it hasn’t been published yet so I can’t link you to it (Hubpages has a 24h wait to publish if you’re a newbie like me).
  • Narrowed down my title choices somewhat. Still have more narrowing down to do, though.
  • Made a list of topics for the blog. There’s a dozen or so topics on the list so far, so that should keep me busy for a while and of course I’ll be adding more ideas as I think of them.
  • I had a new haiku album on Wattpad called Haikus – 2015 (original, huh?) and added five pieces to it.

This coming week I don’t have too much planned, except for the usual work and poking at a project description for uni, so I will try to make it a productive writing week by:

  • Doing my daily writing, focusing mostly on the two shorts mentioned above.
  • Beginning my first big rewrite of Going Home‘s sequel, starting with writing a couple of scenes that weren’t present in the first draft.
  • Continuing my search for the title of said sequel.
  • Posting a “Spotlight” here on the blog on Friday, a new sporadically occurring type of post highlighting something or someone I like.
  • Start adding ideas to the “master-list” I started over Christmas, in an effort to have a better overview of my ideas and what stage they’re in. This will also involve reorganizing my name Scrivener project folders, so I doubt I’ll be able to finish the whole thing this week but at least I can get a start on it.

Another thing I’m preoccupied with right now is what to do for Camp NaNoWriMo in April. There are two months left until it starts, which should feel like plenty of time but I’m going crazy trying to decide which project to draft. I’m hoping that when I start going through my Scrivener folders to add things to my master-list something will jump out at me.

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