Twice Fortnightly – Drafting Season

This morning, I was super nervous. The reason for this was that yesterday I finished re-writing chapter 13 of “the sequel”, so today I had to work on chapter 14. Chapter 14 onward consists mostly of drafting new material rather than rewriting my old draft, and for some reason this suddenly felt very scary. Like, what if I added all this new material and then it turned out the first draft was better anyway? Well, I think that’s unlikely, but I tried to remind myself I could just go back to the old draft if I wanted to. After a good chunk of procrastination I realized my nerves mainly stemmed from there being this one problem with the narrative I hadn’t solved yet. So I gave it a nice long think and once I’d solved it most of the nervousness was gone. There’s still a bit left, but it’s more manageable. I only managed to draft one chapter today, though, instead of the two I’d hoped, so I’m very slightly behind on my planing, but that’s okay.

  • Did my daily writing, on my non-drafting days.
  • Kept working on the sequel as mentioned above.
  • Announce that my next novella, previously known as “the sequel”, is going to be called Dress Rehearsal Rag! Read about it here.
  • I wrote and posted a new Hub, but it hasn’t gone live yet so I can’t link you to it.

So, what’s happening next week? Well:

  • I will keep drafting Dress Rehearsal Rag. I would really like to finish the full draft next week but I think that will be biting off a bit more than I can chew right now. So my goal is four chapters, chapter 15-19.
  • Do my daily writing of at least 100 words/day on non-drafting days.
  • Post something on the blog on Friday.
  • Start looking for beta readers for Dress Rehearsal Rag. If you’re interested, please leave a comment below!
  • Keep researching POD options.

I’m hoping my “drafting engine” will be warmed up in another chapter or so, so that I can make some good time on those chapters and maybe even get a couple of extras. But again, don’t wanna bite off too much.

But man… it’s weeks like these I wish I could just take time off from everything but writing. Oh well, one day maybe I’ll have that freedom!

2 Replies to “Twice Fortnightly – Drafting Season”

  1. I can empathise with that wish! I don’t need it all the time… just maybe once every couple of months to have a week just for creating stuff. Bliss!

    Well done for getting through the nervousness and coming up with a solution.

    • I only tend to feel that way in periods. Now is such a period, though most of the time I’m fine (but then again I work half time, it’d probably happen more often if I worked full time).

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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