Twice Fortnightly – Almost Christmas

I can’t believe it’s only two days until Christmas! Okay, three for a lot of you but in this neck of the woods, we celebrate on the 24th. I have it mostly under control: the flat is clean-ish and has been at least partially Christmassed up, the presents are wrapped all except two and I know what I’m wearing to Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Almost Christmas

Twice Fortnightly – I’m Published!

Wow, guys, what a week it’s been! On Thursday, 11/12-2014, I published Going Home, my debut novella, on Amazon Kindle. I had planned to publish it on Saturday the 13th, but since I’d heard it could take a while for books to come up on the web I thought I’d upload it early. Color me surprised when it went live Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – I’m Published!

Twice Forthnightly – One year older, one year wiser?

Hey, guess what? I’m 27! And I’ve got some scotch, new running gear and a copy of the awesome board game Dixit to prove it (among other things). This has contributed to the past week being a pretty good week, and my productivity level has made it an even better one. I have: Written ~1k per day for NaNo, making Continue reading Twice Forthnightly – One year older, one year wiser?

Twice Fortnightly – What a Week!

Boy, I have had a busy week. In the fun, energizing way, not the run around like a chicken with your head cut off way (which is a nice change, truth be told). There’s a satisfaction in feeling that you’ve been productive that I enjoy thoroughly. This week, for the first time since I started setting up weekly goals here Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – What a Week!

Twice Fortnightly – A Sigh of Relief

I finally finished my assignment! So now I’m half relieved and half holding my breath waiting to see if I pass. This is a course (or rather a module) that’s long overdue for completion, and if I don’t get it over with now it’ll seriously mess up my plans for the next couple of years. So cross your fingers for Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – A Sigh of Relief

Twice Fortnightly – Home, Sweet Home

So, I am back again from my vacation. I’m feeling a bit sluggish this evening so I’ll keep this brief. This week I: Wrote ~600 words during my daily writing Edited 3 chapters of Going Home. I might’ve had time for the last two as well if not for an unplanned goose chase after a bag on my last day there. Started Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Home, Sweet Home

Twice Fortnightly – Once More, With Feeling

This past week, I have: Written ~500 during my daily writing. Uploaded a couple of more haikus, but not all of the remaining ones. Done the first two exercises in this chapter of One Year To a Writing Life Edited one chapter of Going Home, namely chapter 4. I’ve also caught a danged cold! Quite the bummer, I have to say. It’s Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Once More, With Feeling

Twice Fortnightly – You’ve Gotta Have Goals

It’s funny, every time I think about goals I hear this voice in my head saying “but you’ve gotta have goals”. It’s a man’s voice and it sounds like he’s saying it at the end of some longer speech about life. However, neither my memory or my Google-fu has managed to reveal to me where, which movie or TV show, Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – You’ve Gotta Have Goals

Twice Fortnightly – Wattpad Up?

I thought this was gonna be a real bummer of an update, but when I tallied up my daily writing for the past week I realized I haven’t been quite as lazy as I thought. I’ve been procrastinating my editing terribly, though. Bad Emma, no cookie! Okay, one cookie, but only one. Anyhowzers, this week I have: Almost started looking at Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Wattpad Up?