Twice Fortnightly – Once More, With Feeling

This past week, I have:

  • Written ~500 during my daily writing.
  • Uploaded a couple of more haikus, but not all of the remaining ones.
  • Done the first two exercises in this chapter of One Year To a Writing Life
  • Edited one chapter of Going Home, namely chapter 4.

I’ve also caught a danged cold! Quite the bummer, I have to say. It’s only been two days, and I’m hoping the third one will be the last, but it’s so frustrating to be low-energy when you have a lot of things you want to do.

In addition to the cold, I’m also going to a family thing between Friday and Sunday. With this in mind, my goals for next week will be pretty tame:

  • Do my daily writing
  • Actually upload the rest of my haikus to my Wattpad account
  • Finish the rest of the exercises in the current chapter of One Year to a Writing Life
  • Edit another chapter in Going Home, time and energy permitting

So, it’s basically the same as last week! Because hey, why change a winning(ish) system? Now it’s time for some tea and some rest.

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