Twice Fortnightly – I’m Published!

Wow, guys, what a week it’s been! On Thursday, 11/12-2014, I published Going Home, my debut novella, on Amazon Kindle. I had planned to publish it on Saturday the 13th, but since I’d heard it could take a while for books to come up on the web I thought I’d upload it early. Color me surprised when it went live just a couple of hours later!

You can buy Going Home here.

To be honest, besides checking my sales every day after midnight (4 copies sold so far, woot!), I haven’t done much more in terms of writing this week. No wait, that’s not true! I did get a Goodreads Author Page.

So after a few days off, I’m getting back to business this week, by:

  • Writing every day
  • Getting Going Home up on Smashwords
  • Update my Wattpad account with some new Haikus
  • Start working with the last chapter of One Year to a Writing Life
  • Start my Unread Reading Challenge when my holiday starts on Saturday.
  • Keeping doing my ThinkKit prompts.

Should be a fun week!

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