Twice Forthnightly – One year older, one year wiser?

Hey, guess what? I’m 27! And I’ve got some scotch, new running gear and a copy of the awesome board game Dixit to prove it (among other things). This has contributed to the past week being a pretty good week, and my productivity level has made it an even better one. I have:

  • Written ~1k per day for NaNo, making good progress on rewriting/fleshing out my story. I’m now at 43k words total, so reaching 50k seems almost in the bag!
  • I did a couple of exercises from One Year to a Writing Life
  • I worked on my cover (picking font options, tweaking the cover image and some other stuff. I also worked on my synopsis of Going Home. It’s not quite done but it’s a lot better than last week.
  • I uploaded a few new haikus to Wattpad
  • Wrote a biopoem and posted it here on the blog.

I also got an answer from one of the book blogs I contacted about reviewing Going Home. Unfortunately the person in question had too much to read right now to commit to it, but it was still nice to get a response. Hopefully I’ll hear from some of the others soon too.

So what about this common week? Well, in exactly one week December will have started and between now and then hopefully I will:

  • Win NaNoWriMo, by writing at least 1k per day until Sunday.
  • Do the last exercises for this chapter of One Year to a Writing Life
  • Make some mockups of my cover for Going Home and show to some friends for feedback
  • Finish the synopsis for Going Home
  • Run Going Home through Pro Writing Aid, which is a writing/editing tool I’ve just discovered. I’m curious to see what it can tell me about my writing habits.
  • Since next Monday will be December 1st, I will also start Think Kit’s December blogging challenge. We’ll see how that goes!

So I have a busy week ahead. Have a great week everyone, and good luck to all of you who are rushing to finish NaNo!



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