Twice Fortnightly – You’ve Gotta Have Goals

It’s funny, every time I think about goals I hear this voice in my head saying “but you’ve gotta have goals”. It’s a man’s voice and it sounds like he’s saying it at the end of some longer speech about life. However, neither my memory or my Google-fu has managed to reveal to me where, which movie or TV show, this voice comes from. I’m starting to think I’ve dreamed it up, or maybe that the voices said something else originally and my head has changed the words over the years.

Whatever the case, you do gotta have goals. Or, at least, for most people having clear goals is helpful. Lately, the writing part of my life has been lacking clear goals. I’ve been focusing on what I’ve been getting done but not what I want to be getting done, if that makes sense. So starting this week, and once again imitation the lovely Zee Southcombe, my weekly progress posts will also include goals for the coming week. Hopefully this’ll help me get some structure back that I am currently missing.

So, this week I have:

  • Written ~550 words of random prose (one new idea for a possible short and some other tidbits) and a bunch of haikus during my daily writing.
  • Uploaded 20+ haikus to my Wattpad account. It’s been really fun to see people comment on them, and has really gotten me in a poetry mood as witnessed by the amount of haikus in my daily writing lately.
  • Begun reading the next chapter of One Year to a Writing Life

In the coming week, I plan to:

  • Do my daily writing
  • Upload the rest of my haikus to Wattpad
  • Do at least the first two exercises in this chapter of One Year to a Writing Life
  • Finish the last “big” edits of at least one chapter of Going Home (that is, not counting proofreading and the like).

As you can see, I’m not aiming very high this first week. We’ll see how it goes.

4 Replies to “Twice Fortnightly – You’ve Gotta Have Goals”

  1. Go, go Emma!

    I think I need to get some goals down for myself as well… But it’s hard putting some up when school starts in less than two weeks and I have absolutely no idea how much time it’ll eat outta my schedula. Kinda scary to be honest! x_x

    But oh well, goals are great, and everybody should have them, if you ask me. 🙂

  2. There are weeks when just daily writing is a big enough goal for me. I’m starting to accept that it’s okay to have ‘off’ weeks, as it balances out in the big picture.

    It’s great reading your goals. I always have a little giggle when I read ‘twice fortnightly’ :-p

    • Yeah, I think goals work best if you’re consistent with setting them but flexible with what they’ll be according to your current circumstance. Ok, I’d love to see my productivity “baseline” increase gradually over time but it’s still important to be flexible.

      Thanks, it was the bfs idea.

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