Flash Fiction Friday – Amends

What’s this? Flash fiction Friday on a Monday? Preposterous! No but seriously, that’s just how it goes sometimes. I wanted to write this on Friday after finishing my play-through of an absolutely gorgeous game called Fated, where you move through a story with (and date) Shakespeare characters. Well, sort of. If you like visual novels or dating games, I very Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – Amends

Flash Fiction Fraturday – What Love Means

I’ve been watching a lot of Star Trek: The Next Generation lately and having a lot of feelings about how Deanna Troi is treated as a character and the weird romantic-adjacent situations she keeps being placed in by the show’s writers (and how little screen time her friendship with Beverly Crusher gets). So I decided to write some fanfic. I’m Continue reading Flash Fiction Fraturday – What Love Means

Why I never wrote Harry Potter Fanfiction

The first fandom I was a part of was Harry Potter. There had been other TV shows, books and movies before that I was also a big fan of (Xena, for one) but it wasn’t until HP that I experienced the full fandom experience: looking at fanart online, discussing with other fans, reading up on trivia, memorizing the most peculiar Continue reading Why I never wrote Harry Potter Fanfiction