Flash Fiction Friday – Serving Tea

Flash! Fiction! Friday! It’s been a while, huh? This little piece is a sort of behind-the-scenes snippet from a story I started working on last year. It was originally meant to be a short story but it sorta grew into a novella. Oops! Writing this snippet really made me wanna work on that story again! Hope you enjoy it. The Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – Serving Tea

Flash Fiction Friday – Next Year’s Beads

Since it is the holiday season, I’ve been thinking a lot about creating holidays for fictional worlds. The other day I had an idea for a tradition I may use some day in a book, so I wrote this little piece below: The ribbons are slippery between my fingers, and the house is quiet except for the gentle ringing of Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – Next Year’s Beads

Flash Fiction Friday – Games

It’s been a while since I did Flash Fiction Friday! Feels good to be back to it. No Dixit card tonight, instead I bring you a random scene. It was inspired by a dream I had the other night, just a short scene that gave me an idea for a detail to add to a culture in my worldbuilding. Here, Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – Games

Worldbuilding Wednesday – Step-by-Step for Ocean Currents

Since my step-by-step of tectonic plates was pretty well received (and fun to do!), I wanted to do another one on ocean currents. I had intended to do it pretty soon after the first one but have been derailed about a billion times. Well, here it finally is! And like last time I have a little disclaimer: this guide is meant Continue reading Worldbuilding Wednesday – Step-by-Step for Ocean Currents

Worldbuilding Wednesday – Step-by-Step for Tectonic Plates

In this very special rendition of Worldbuilding Wednesday, I’m going to give you a step-by-step guide to how I made the tetonic plates for my conworld Erziyye. This guide is meant to help with designing scientifically plausible (and neat-looking), but not scientifically accurate maps. Some worldbuilders (like myself) enjoy the idea of having fairly detailed geological information on their maps but may Continue reading Worldbuilding Wednesday – Step-by-Step for Tectonic Plates

Worldbuilding Wednesday – Current Currents!

That’s right, in this post I’m gonna show you my current currents! Yay! In the end of last week I had some lovely worldbuilding session with my friend and eternal geology-consultant Grace. My currents are now awesome-looking! Much better than before. I get so thrilled when I look at them, haha! Here they are: Click for a bigger picture. Doesn’t Continue reading Worldbuilding Wednesday – Current Currents!

Twice Fortnightly – Post Untitled

Yeah, no, no titles coming to me tonight. I’ve written like 5 blog posts today for the Blog Ahead challenge, that might be why. Just gonna get straight to it. This week I have: Finished working on Erziyye’s currents! Yay! Will be posting about them on Wednesday. Done a good bit of NaNo prep in terms of worldbuilding (not quite Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Post Untitled

Worldbuilding Wednesday – Tectonic Plates, My Wildcards

So, I know I posted my tectonic plates a few weeks back already buuuuut… I kind of redid them. Entirely. They’re much awesomer now! I wanna say a big thank you to my friend Grace, who is a fantastic and patient and knowledgable and has helped me loads with getting my plates in order! Here are my plates now: Pretty Continue reading Worldbuilding Wednesday – Tectonic Plates, My Wildcards

Twice Fortnightly – Whoops, Tuesday!

Normally I like to forget that it’s Wednesday and end up doing my worldbuilding post on a Thursday, but this week I thought I’d mix it up a bit by forgetting it was Monday and doing my weekly update on a Tuesday. Yay, variation! So what have I been up to? Well, I have: Poked my MS. It has poked Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Whoops, Tuesday!

Worldbuilding Wednesday – Clean Lines

I am on a bit of a worldbuilding high right now. I’m getting some awesome feedback on my Erziyye map from a writer friend and geology geek, and basically all I want to do is work on the map right now. Sadly work, this cold and my slightly obsessive need for feedback from said friend on changes I make is Continue reading Worldbuilding Wednesday – Clean Lines