Worldbuilding Wednesday – Step-by-Step for Tectonic Plates

In this very special rendition of Worldbuilding Wednesday, I’m going to give you a step-by-step guide to how I made the tetonic plates for my conworld Erziyye. This guide is meant to help with designing scientifically plausible (and neat-looking), but not scientifically accurate maps. Some worldbuilders (like myself) enjoy the idea of having fairly detailed geological information on their maps but may Continue reading Worldbuilding Wednesday – Step-by-Step for Tectonic Plates

Worldbuilding Wednesday – Current Currents!

That’s right, in this post I’m gonna show you my current currents! Yay! In the end of last week I had some lovely worldbuilding session with my friend and eternal geology-consultant Grace. My currents are now awesome-looking! Much better than before. I get so thrilled when I look at them, haha! Here they are: Click for a bigger picture. Doesn’t Continue reading Worldbuilding Wednesday – Current Currents!

Worldbuilding Wednesday – Tectonic Plates, My Wildcards

So, I know I posted my tectonic plates a few weeks back already buuuuut… I kind of redid them. Entirely. They’re much awesomer now! I wanna say a big thank you to my friend Grace, who is a fantastic and patient and knowledgable and has helped me loads with getting my plates in order! Here are my plates now: Pretty Continue reading Worldbuilding Wednesday – Tectonic Plates, My Wildcards

Worldbuilding Wednesday – Islands!

I haven’t had time to do much worldbuilding since last week because I was away for the weekend, but I did manage a bit of progress. I feel I’m getting close to being done enough with my map to transfer it to a digital medium and start adding colors and textures. Exciting! Tonight, I worked a bit on a series Continue reading Worldbuilding Wednesday – Islands!

Worldbuilding Wednesday – Continents taking shape

Hey, it’s Worldbuilding Wednesday again! How time has flown this week. My world building progress this past week has been of the “slow but steady” variety. I’ve read up on map projections, spent a lot of time looking at maps of Earth and fictional worlds and sketching various continental setups for Erziyye since I realized I wasn’t totally happy with my first Continue reading Worldbuilding Wednesday – Continents taking shape