Worldbuilding Wednesday – Too Much, Too Soon

Reader, I abandoned the challenge. 

But honestly, that’s okay. It was a little too much a little too soon, and since it was a spontaneous decision to join and not part of my original plan for the month, I’m not kicking myself about it. I lasted about 5 days before dropping out. It wasn’t actually the writing itself that was the problem (I stuck to very short, unpolished snippets) or even the time it took, it was just really hard for me to come up with things that matched the prompts and it sort of stressed me out. I think once I’ve got more stuff up and more to build on, a challenge like this might be a lot of fun, but for now it’s just not for me.

That being said, it still had the positive outcome of me posting my first few articles on World Anvil, and finally buying a subscription to give me more worlds. So for today’s Worldbuilding Wednesday post, here are the prompts for the first 5 days and the articles I put up:

Day 1 
Prompt: Ring
Article: Life-Paths. This article is from the Orklands world and briefly summarizes an important Ork concept.Day 2
Prompt: Mindless
Article: The Raiders. Legendary warriors from Erziyye. This article is the only one that ended up being a little longer, so that’s fun.

Day 3 
Prompt: Bait
Article: False Children. This article belongs in a conworld that is very undeveloped in terms of story, so I stuck it in a “catch all” world on World Anvil instead of giving it it’s own world.

Day 4
Prompt: Freeze
Article: Icewyrm Isle. It’s an icy island. It looks a bit like a dragon. That’s it.

Day 5
Prompt: Build
Article: Len-Kalah. This city was originally the birthplace of one of my D&D characters, Seshmet (who was featured in this Flash Fiction Friday post!), but has since been moved to Erziyye.

And that’s it! I’m quite excited to finally have some articles up on World Anvil, and I look forward to seeing my collection grow! I didn’t do a Tea Time stream last weekend, but I’m doing one this coming weekend. I look forward to telling you guys about what I worked on next week! 

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