Flash Fiction Friday – The Defense

The Defense Her heart beat fast as she walked into the room. The table stood in the center, the lights were bright. She had already picked her seat. Her things were there, now she had no choice but to sit down. Her accusers were everywhere: one next to her, one across the table, a third diagonally across from her. A Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – The Defense

Twice Fortnightly – I am a Bachelor…

… of the arts! Well, technically I’m not one yet because I still need to do a thesis paper defense in January and then get some paperwork done. But I did finish my thesis paper last week on Wednesday. I am very pleased! I think it turned out all right, but mostly I’m just happy to be done. Even though I Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – I am a Bachelor…

Twice Fortnightly – Back to Work!

So apparently I forgot all about my blog last week. Oops! It was a weird week. A surprise cold, and the realization I would have to miss my BA thesis deadline if I wanted to produce something I was at all happy with made it a weird week. I still have a cold, though it’s almost gone, and I’ve been Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Back to Work!

Tool Tips – Memrise

I’m not doing much Worldbuilding right now, so I don’t have a Worldbuilding Wednesday for you today, but I wanted to post something. Since I’ve been volunteering today, and got to practice my Arabic a lot, I thought this language-related post (which I wrote a while back) would be appropriate. Ever heard of Memrise? Well, you have now! Memrise is a learning Continue reading Tool Tips – Memrise

Twice Fortnightly – Creative Hangover

I’ve had a really great weekend. I was out of town attending a BJD convention . I left Gothenburg brim-full with creative energy and feeling rather spiffy. This morning, however, what I usually call creative hangover struck. I don’t know if this happens to anyone else, but sometimes when I’m just practically sparking with energy and then come face to Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Creative Hangover

Twice Fortnightly – A Case of Sleepyitis

This week didn’t go quite as planned. I got, apparently, an unexpected case of sleepyitis. I kept thinking I’d do this or the other thing in the evening and then there I was, eyelids drooping way earlier than normal. This hampered my productivity a bit, especially on the day when I was at my day job during my non-sleepy hours. Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – A Case of Sleepyitis

V is for Vocabulary

Vocabularies are funny things. In Swedish, vocabulary is called ordförråd which literally means “word stockpile” or “word storage” so I always imagine a vocabulary being a sort of large cupboard that you put words into. With my Arabic studies, vocabulary has always been my biggest problem (other than, you know, actually having the guts to speak). I’ve had no problems with Continue reading V is for Vocabulary

Undergrad For Life

Okay, maybe “for life” is a bit of an exaggeration, but I have been an Undergrad for quite a while now. It’s nearly 5 years since I started doing Arabic, and it’ll be at least one more year until I get my Bachelor’s Degree. That’s twice as long as it “should” take, but I don’t mind. The main reason why I’m Continue reading Undergrad For Life

My Arabic Lovestory

On a November afternoon almost 5 years ago now, I found myself crying on a bus that was scurrying through the dark on its way to deliver me to the home of my parents, whom I still lived with at the time. A realization that had been creeping up on me for weeks had lunged itself on me suddenly and Continue reading My Arabic Lovestory