Flash Fiction Friday – Someday

Presented without comment: Someday I imagine there’ll be sun spilling in through the window, painting golden streaks across the bedspread and the pillows that trail all the way to the door. I imagine there’s birdsong coming in through a slightly opened window. I imagine I’ve been up for a little while, sipping tea out of one of their mugs and Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – Someday

Flash Fiction Friday – The Breakup

Wow, for once I’m aware of what day of the week it is and at my computer and not too sleepy to blog. I feel like I’ve been missing my scheduled posts a lot lately, especially on Wednesdays but also on Fridays. But maybe I haven’t. To be honest, it feels like this week has been three weeks long so maybe that’s why I Continue reading Flash Fiction Friday – The Breakup

A Single Word – ThinkKit Prompt #30

Today’s ThinkKit prompt, the second to last of the year, is to try and find a word with which to sum up your year. Well, I’ve got a word for you: milestones. This year, I published my first book. My boyfriend moved here from Canada. I finally finished a course that’s been tormenting me for a couple of years. And I Continue reading A Single Word – ThinkKit Prompt #30

A Dash of Thanks – ThinkKit Prompt #25

I was planning to make this a double post,  ThinkKit prompt #24 and #25. #25 was to share a photo of a tradition from the past year. I was planning to take a photo of our Christmas Day board game session earlier today but I totally forgot, so I’ll have to stick to #24, which is to talk about what one Continue reading A Dash of Thanks – ThinkKit Prompt #25

Deck the LOLs – ThinkKit prompt #3

Today’s ThinkKit prompt was to write about something incredibly funny that happened in the last year. Well, to be honest I wasn’t able to think of any one thing that deserved this place of honor on the blog. But I could think of a person: my boyfriend. As I mentioned yesterday, my boyfriend moved in with me a few months Continue reading Deck the LOLs – ThinkKit prompt #3

A Thousand Words – ThinkKit Prompt #1

So, here we are! December 1st, and the first day of the ThinkKit December blogging prompts. Today’s prompt is called A Thousand Words and challenges bloggers to share their year in photos, and talk about the role photos play in their lives. 2014 has been a year of ups and downs, the downs mostly involving stress around school and bad time Continue reading A Thousand Words – ThinkKit Prompt #1

X is for Xena, naturally!

To be totally honest I don’t know that many words that begin with X, and the only one that really came to mind was: Xena! Xena (as in the warrior princess, not the dwarf planet currently known as Eris) was my first real TV crush and remains one of my major on-screen heartthrobs. I mean, she’s hot, she’s funny, she Continue reading X is for Xena, naturally!

My Arabic Lovestory

On a November afternoon almost 5 years ago now, I found myself crying on a bus that was scurrying through the dark on its way to deliver me to the home of my parents, whom I still lived with at the time. A realization that had been creeping up on me for weeks had lunged itself on me suddenly and Continue reading My Arabic Lovestory