Flash Fiction Friday – The Defense

The Defense

Her heart beat fast as she walked into the room. The table stood in the center, the lights were bright. She had already picked her seat. Her things were there, now she had no choice but to sit down. Her accusers were everywhere: one next to her, one across the table, a third diagonally across from her. A sole neutral party, armed with a laptop, took up the fifth and last spot. She swallowed hard, braced for the worst.
“Well,” one of her accusers began, shuffling a stack of paper in her hands. “Overall it’s looking good, but you need to make sure your references are consistent.”
“Yes,” a second one said. “Also there’s a few transcription errors.”
“But overall,” the third one said. “It’s very good. You’ve obviously worked very hard.”
“Oh,” she said, blinking.
“Well, if there’s nothing else, I think we’re done for the day,” the second one said. “Anyone want the last cookie?”

Today, I defended my BA thesis. It wasn’t quite as smooth as the above, but honestly it felt like it, especially compared to how nervous I was. I need to make some tiny tweaks and then I’m done. Feels weird, man…

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