Twice Fortnightly – I am a Bachelor…

… of the arts! Well, technically I’m not one yet because I still need to do a thesis paper defense in January and then get some paperwork done. But I did finish my thesis paper last week on Wednesday. I am very pleased! I think it turned out all right, but mostly I’m just happy to be done. Even though I have my day job, and NaNo, and a bunch of other things going, I feel like I’ve all this time now. I also don’t have any schoolwork until my defense, which is the first time in years I’ll get to go almost two months without an academic deadline over my head. Relief!

Having finished my thesis also means I am now in the “catch up” phase of this year’s NaNo. I had a slow start intentionally, followed by an unintentionally slow middle, and now I have to manage about 2.7k per day for the rest of the month so we’ll see how that goes. I am cautiously optimistic, though.

That’s basically all I’ve done in the past week. I’ve written 2k so far tonight so I’m almost done for the day. Aaaand on account of needing 2.7k per day, that’s about all I’m gonna do writing-wise this week too. I might do some flash fiction on Friday, though. Until then, take care!

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