Twice Fortnightly – Whoops, Tuesday!

Normally I like to forget that it’s Wednesday and end up doing my worldbuilding post on a Thursday, but this week I thought I’d mix it up a bit by forgetting it was Monday and doing my weekly update on a Tuesday. Yay, variation! So what have I been up to? Well, I have: Poked my MS. It has poked Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Whoops, Tuesday!

Worldbuilding Wednesday – Clean Lines

I am on a bit of a worldbuilding high right now. I’m getting some awesome feedback on my Erziyye map from a writer friend and geology geek, and basically all I want to do is work on the map right now. Sadly work, this cold and my slightly obsessive need for feedback from said friend on changes I make is Continue reading Worldbuilding Wednesday – Clean Lines

Worldbuilding Wednesday – Attack of the little red arrows

What’s this? A worldbuilding Wednesday post actually on a Wednesday! Amazing! Today I bring you… that’s right, more maps! Sorry, just not done with ’em yet! I’m having a lot of fun though, so I don’t mind. Recently I’ve been adding some layers with information on them to my map, the sort of stuff that’ll be useful to know when Continue reading Worldbuilding Wednesday – Attack of the little red arrows

Twice Fortnightly – A Case of Sleepyitis

This week didn’t go quite as planned. I got, apparently, an unexpected case of sleepyitis. I kept thinking I’d do this or the other thing in the evening and then there I was, eyelids drooping way earlier than normal. This hampered my productivity a bit, especially on the day when I was at my day job during my non-sleepy hours. Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – A Case of Sleepyitis

Sunday Double Whammy! Worldbuilding + Flash Fiction

Last week I was crazy tired. I’m not sure why, maybe I’m still just adjusting to being back at work, but blogging in the evenings was just not a thing that was happening at all! So since I missed Worldbuilding Wednesday and Flash Fiction Friday, I’m doing a special post today combining them. Yay! This week I finished the paper Continue reading Sunday Double Whammy! Worldbuilding + Flash Fiction

Worldbuilding Wednesday – Islands!

I haven’t had time to do much worldbuilding since last week because I was away for the weekend, but I did manage a bit of progress. I feel I’m getting close to being done enough with my map to transfer it to a digital medium and start adding colors and textures. Exciting! Tonight, I worked a bit on a series Continue reading Worldbuilding Wednesday – Islands!

Worldbuilding Wednesday – Some map details

This week’s been a bit crazy, particularly today. In between neglected day job tasks, laundry and preparing for a family event this weekend, I wasn’t sure I’d have time to do anything with my map today. Earlier in the week I was a bit lazy, so I haven’t gotten as far as I would’ve liked, but tonight I got some Continue reading Worldbuilding Wednesday – Some map details

Twice Fortnightly – After Camp

I told you already last week, though the month wasn’t over yet, that I won Camp. My total word count came to just shy of 20k, so I was quite happy with that. As I’ve also mentioned I was working on some erotic shorts that I’ll be publishing under a pen name. I should be announcing the name and my Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – After Camp

Worldbuilding Wednesday – Continents taking shape

Hey, it’s Worldbuilding Wednesday again! How time has flown this week. My world building progress this past week has been of the “slow but steady” variety. I’ve read up on map projections, spent a lot of time looking at maps of Earth and fictional worlds and sketching various continental setups for Erziyye since I realized I wasn’t totally happy with my first Continue reading Worldbuilding Wednesday – Continents taking shape

Twice Fortnightly – Winner!!

Yesterday, I won Camp NaNo! My goal was only 15k, but even so I’m happy about it. I’ve finished one short, nearly finished a second and have maybe 25% of a third. If I can keep up a decent pace (having already won is surprisingly demotivating), I am hoping I’ll hit 20k and have two finished and one half-finished shorts Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Winner!!