Worldbuilding Wednesday – Attack of the little red arrows

What’s this? A worldbuilding Wednesday post actually on a Wednesday! Amazing!

Today I bring you… that’s right, more maps! Sorry, just not done with ’em yet! I’m having a lot of fun though, so I don’t mind. Recently I’ve been adding some layers with information on them to my map, the sort of stuff that’ll be useful to know when determining landscapes, climates and other things. One of the things I’ve added are tectonic plates:

Click for a larger version

Check it out! It even has little, red, possibly quite inaccurate arrows to indicate which direction they’re moving. Yay! Another thing I’ve done is map out prevailing winds:

Click for a larger version

Not very exciting, but it’ll be useful for figuring out weather patterns and trade routes.

I’m also working on (roughly) mapping my oceanic currents. They’re tricky little suckers, though, so they’re not ready yet. I guess they’ll be next weeks post.


I’ve had such fun with my map this week. <3 And now I really need to sleep.

4 Replies to “Worldbuilding Wednesday – Attack of the little red arrows”

  1. I’ve never thought to figure out where the tectonic plates are in my worlds, other than where mountains end up. Ooo. I’m having more ideas now. Whoops!

    Thanks for sharing!

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