Twice Fortnightly – Back to Work

So, today I went back to my day job. I was ambivalent about it, but now that I’m back it mostly feels good. I’ve missed my colleagues! The only real bummer is it leaves less time for my creative work. With that in mind, I’ve revised my “productivity block” system to get a little more out of the days (two Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Back to Work

Twice Fortnightly – Worldbuilding Week!

Last night I handed in a long overdue assignment. It didn’t turn out very well, but I’m holding out hope that it turned out well enough and that I won’t have to re-do it. Next week I’m moving on to the next module on my to-study list, but this week I’m giving myself a bit of a break from Uni. Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Worldbuilding Week!

Twice Fortnightly – One Day Left!

Until Camp NaNoWriMo, that is. And personally, I’m just itching to get started! It’s been a really good week this week. The schedule I set up for myself in last week’s update is working really well! Quite contrary to what I feared, the studying part of it has progressed slowly but surely, and the part I’ve struggled the most with has Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – One Day Left!

Twice Fortnightly – Dress Rehearsal Rag is out! And onwards.

This weekend, about 6 months and 10 days after the release of Going Home, its sequel Dress Rehearsal Rag hit the Kindle Store and Smashwords. Yay! Normally I’d do a separate post about news as big as this, but since it’s Monday, and since I’ve already told most people about it view Twitter, Facebook and my newsletter (which you, as Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Dress Rehearsal Rag is out! And onwards.

Twice Fortnightly – Short and Sweet!

Oh boy, I should not wait this late with blogging, my head is a total blank! So I’ll keep this short and sweet. This week I have: Done my daily writing! Wrote a few new scenes for the sequel to Going Home Posted a Spotlight post about Leonard Cohen Started working on my “master list” of ideas. Didn’t get very far, Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Short and Sweet!

A Born Organizer

I’ve always been into organizing. I don’t just mean that I’ve always been good at it, but that I’ve always found it to be enjoyable in some way. My parents have told me that as a toddler, I could spend hours arranging the plastic containers in the kitchen (you know, Tupperware, empty ice cream bins, that sort of thing) along Continue reading A Born Organizer