Twice Fortnightly – Back to Work

So, today I went back to my day job. I was ambivalent about it, but now that I’m back it mostly feels good. I’ve missed my colleagues! The only real bummer is it leaves less time for my creative work. With that in mind, I’ve revised my “productivity block” system to get a little more out of the days (two on average) that I’ll be working from home rather than from the office.

I will continue to focus on the three areas that I feel needs the most attention in my productive life right now: worldbuilding, studying and writing. Like previously, I will worldbuild for 90 minutes between 7 and 9 and study for 2h between 10 and 13. I’ve considered increasing my productive time within these blocks, but for now I’ve decided to hold off on that. My writing block, however, I’ve increased to 3h between 14 and 18. I sort of want to increase it even more but I’m not sure if it’s a good idea, so I’ll wait a bit and see.

Apart from this schedule I’ll also do a number of what I’m calling “bonus blocks” every week. They’ll be 90 minute blocks I can do in evenings or weekends, and I’ll decide how many to do (or not to do any at all) depending on how busy I’ll be (socially or otherwise) that week. This week I’m doing 3, since I don’t have any big plans but I also don’t want to take on too much since it’s my first week back at work.

So my schedule this week looks like this:

How I keep track of my productivity each week.

Apart from this revised schedule, I also want to go back to having more concrete weekly goals. It’s been nice to have a less rigid structure in the summer but I think more particular goals will keep me on track better during the term.

For this coming week, my goals (not including pen name goals) are:

  • Edit an Arabic short story I wrote ages ago and recently got feedback from my teacher on.
  • Post some new haikus on Wattpad
  • Print my next longer project (and buy printer’s ink!)
  • Plan the giveaway I’m going to be hosting when the PoD versions of the Orryn novellas are out.
  • Finish moving my poetry over to a new Scrivener project

Quite the long post this week! Hope I haven’t bored you too much, haha.

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