Twice Fortnightly – Logging Lapse

Last week was a weird week, writing wise. I noted down a total of 7h in my writing log of my 10h goal (would’ve been 9h except I folded to my conscience and spent my Sunday evening reading for class)… but I could swear I did more writing than that! I keep looking at the log and going “but surely I do more than that Tuesday!” I could just be kidding myself, but I’m fairly sure I must’ve rather been sloppy with my log-making. Will have to work on that for next week!

Other than that it’s been a pretty good week. Here’s what’s been crossed off my to-do list:
  • As mentioned, I did 7h out of my 10h goal. I left too many hours for the weekend, and had too much to read during said weekend. Need to watch that habit!
  • I finished half the difficult scenes from Going Home. Not ideal, but progress.
  • Did Flash Fiction Friday!
  • Picked new stories for both February and March for #12for12stories (and for Camp NaNo) and worked on both of them. I only have about 2.5k so far for Camp so I’m a bit behind, but I’m not too worried! Not yet, anyway…
  • Poked my conlang (damned near) daily! I have question-words now! Yay!

This week is Easter week, which means more than likely I will not work this week. I also have just a single seminar, no in-person D&D, and one less language cafe than usual. That means two things: more studying (to try to beat some deadlines) and more writing! Specifically:

  • ​Spend 15h on my writing! An increase, yes, but again: light schedule otherwise.
  • Finish the rest of the difficult scenes from the Going Home rewrite.
  • Flash Fiction Friday
  • Hit 5k (at least) for Camp NaNo, and have at least one draft finished from among the stories I’m doing for it.
  • Keep poking my conlang!
  • Finish about another 2-3k of rewrite for my crit group.

Uh… that’s one heckuva to-do list, now that I’m looking at it. Still, I feel pretty confident. It’ll be a good week. Wish me luck!

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