Twice Fortnightly – Sniffles and Time Off

This week, I took time off work to focus on my writing. This morning, I woke up with my throat feeling like sandpaper. Typical. Hopefully I’ll get some stuff done anyway. But first, the recap of last week:

  • I spent 7h writing.
  • I worked a little on #12for12stories but didn’t finish the draft.
  • I attended a write-in and worked on a piece to submit for crit group.
  • I printed my next draft for crit group and started reading it. I am so happy about this story. It’s awesome. Looking forward to getting feedback on it and making it better.
  • Started working on my rewrite of Going Home! It feels great to have started with it. I also posted about it on the blog.
  • Worked a little on my conlang. In a few weeks, I’m gonna post about it on here.
  • Posted for Flash Fiction Friday. I really like the story I wrote this week.

So as said, this week I’m off work (and don’t have a lot of classes) but I am also sick which makes it hard to set goals. But I’m gonna try to be optimistic and count on having at least a decent amount of energy to put into doing the following:

  • Spend 14 hours writing.
  • Keep working on #12for12stories for February, though I honestly doubt I’ll finish the draft on time.
  • Pick a #12for12stories project for March. I feel a bit bad not having completed the first two months but I sorta figure 12 drafts is better than a couple of finished stories (with life being as busy as it is for me right now, that is).
  • Go to crit group.
  • Read through the rest of the next WIP
  • Keep working on the Orryn rewrite.
  • Keep working on my conlang.
  • Do Flash Fiction Friday!

I… I think I should manage this. I hope I will.

Good night, lovelies.

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