Twice Fortnightly – Oh, it’s Monday!

Monday night. Long day. Can’t brain. Here’s week:

  • Wrote for 7h. For once didn’t cram 2-3h into Sunday evening.
  • Did Flash Fiction Friday.
  • Started working on my February #12for12stories. It’s about a vampire.
  • Brainstormed about the 3rd (and fourth) Orryn novella as well as the Orryn 1+2 rewrites.
  • Did some conlanging, which I’ve been getting into lately but not really mentioned yet.

Coming week? This:

  • 7h goal. Wanna raise it, but not quite there yet.
  • Flash Fiction Friday
  • More conlanging
  • More #12for12stories progress.

Okay? Okay. Sleep now.

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