Twice Fortnightly – Happy Easter

Hello lovelies!  Hope your Easter weekend was nice and relaxing. Mine was quite busy (in a good way) with writing and contained a lot of food. Frankly, that’s all I want out of a weekend!

I managed to completely blank on my Flash Fiction Friday post, only realizing sometime in the early afternoon on Saturday that I hadn’t done it. On the flip side, I did a lot of writing during the weekend (and a bit during the earlier part of the week), so I don’t feel too bad about it.

Here are the things I did during the week:

  • Did 15 hours of writing! I’m really happy about these results, it was my most productive week (writing-wise) all year as far as I recall.
  • Did a bit of conlanging! Fun!
  • Got a good bit of progress on Camp NaNoWriMo. I have about 8.5k out of 10k written​ divided over 3 very messy short story drafts. I even had a 4k day! Not on Camp alone, but on writing in general.
  • Worked a bit on my Orryn Novella rewrite. Sadly I’ve discovered I likely won’t have time to get the 2nd ed paperbacks before Lexicon, but I’m still happy to get progress on it.
  • Turned in about 6k, 2.5 chapters, to my crit group (and of course wrote/rewrote said words).

Not too shabby, I think. My to-do list for school isn’t looking quite as impressive, but oh well! This week, unfortunately, will be a bit different. I am temping quite a lot more than I have previously been this week, plus I have two rpg nights and a literature paper I’m behind on due on Sunday. Honestly, I really just have one proper writing goal this week: hit 10k for Camp NaNo. If I can do that this week, I’ll have the last week to actually try to whip these drafts (or at least one of them) into finished shorts. Less specific goals include:

  • 10h writing total. I hope I can manage that… Should probably say 8 but… I just can’t halve it from one week to the next!​
  • Do Flash Fiction Friday. On Friday. Without forgetting. And with some kinda prompt.
  • Poke my conlang! This week that’ll probably just mean listen to Conlangery Podcast a lot.
  • If I manage to finish my lit paper by Saturday, I also want to do the final scene (just one now, I actually finished the second to final scene last week) of the Going Home rewrite. As mentioned I won’t have time to get new paperbacks for Lexicon, so I’m under a little less time pressure than previously, but I’d still like to get it pretty finished pretty soon.

That will be my week. Looking at it, I’m thinking maybe I’m biting off a bit much but… dang it, I don’t want to slack on this stuff! I need to finish the literature paper, don’t want any leftovers from this turn, but all the same I just can’t bring myself to cut down on the writing too much.

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