Twice Fortnightly – Last Week on the Job

This week is my last week at my current day job. Today I had the day off, but I’m working Tues-Fri. I’ve got a slew of stuff to finish, but I’m not sure how much time it’ll really take. I’ve never had to “finish up” a job before, for the past 6 years I’ve generally been able to say “oh, I didn’t finish this today. Oh well, can do it on Monday.”. Hopefully it’ll be a pretty calm week, but I’m going to try not to set my goals too high just in case it is not calm. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s how the past week went:

  • Actually spent 9 hours writing! A bit more, even, I think.
  • Conlanged a single word. But I did listen to a fair few episodes of The Conlangery Podcast. I’m still on the very early episodes, but I’m enjoying it quite a lot both from an educational perspective and from an inspirational one. Such fun to hear about all sorts of conlangs!
  • Edited and submitted the first two chapters of the new story to my crit group. I went a tiiiiiny bit above the word limit but it was okay. Both chapters were so short, I didn’t want to submit just one or cut out just two paragraphs of the second one.
  • Did Flash Fiction Friday!
  • I didn’t finish working on Going Home. Didn’t write much in the week and come Saturday I was just in an off mood. But I realized that I don’t actually have to work on the books in sequence, so I shifted focus from the few scenes remaining in Going Home, which are a bit more challenging, to the simple bits in Dress Rehearsal Rag which really just required reading through and checking them off. So I still got a fair lot of progress done on the Orryn Reborn project, just not what I’d intended to get done.

Well, that was last week. What about this week? Well. I want to do the following:

  • Another 9-hour week for me. I did reach the goal for the second week in a row but it was by the skin of my teeth and, again, I’m not sure how busy my week will really be. If I hit my goal this week, though, it’s definitely going up for next week! I’m pretty excited about that prospect, to be honest.
  • Go to crit group! I’m getting to be a bit nervous about this, to be honest. I’m very excited about the story I’ve started turning in, but it’s always scary to switch projects. Compared to my previous project, this one is a different language, different genre and vibe, and different number and type of point-of-view characters. That’s a lot of different! Hopefully it’ll be well-received.
  • Flash Fiction Friday! On Friday! Flashily!
  • Conlanging! Maybe! At least a couple of words!
  • Finish either the tricky remaining Going Home scenes, or the non-tricky Dress Rehearsal Rag scenes. Or maybe both, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up.
  • Start Camp NaNoWriMo! I think the first two days will mostly be having a look at what I’ve done so far for #12for12stories (catching up on which will be my Camp project) and planning out what to get done in the month. Hopefully fun!

Does that sound like 9 hours of work? It sounds like a little more to me… we’ll see how it goes. Good night, lovelies!

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