Flash Fiction Friday – Objectionable

Odd little piece tonight, inspired by Great Expectations. Without further ado:

“You should know,” she said, a haughty look on her proud features as she overlooked the garden. “That I don’t have a heart.”
“I know that,” I replied. “But why should I care?”
She looked surprised then, the first genuine reaction I’d seen in her all night. She quickly smoothed it off of her features. “Don’t you know?” she said, smoothing a frill on her skirt and unfolding her fan. She turned partway toward me, playing at fanning herself and regarding me over the edge of the fan. “I am the loveliest, most desirable woman here tonight. Everyone wants my favor and attention. Everyone wants to win my heart, but none of you shall…”
I shrugged. “That’s quite all right by me.” I could see her bristle though she tried to hide it, and I added. “I don’t want your heart.”
“Well, why not?” she snapped, losing her cool for a second then regaining it. “I do not care what you think. I shall never pick someone like you anyway. I find you objectionable.”
“Good, then we are of the same mind. Objectionable to one another and with no interest in the other’s heart.”
“Right,” she said, closing the fan and looking away. “On the same page.”
We were silent for a moment, watching the people milling around the garden.
“Just out of curiosity,” she said then, her tone light but with a tension to it. “Why is it that you don’t want my heart?”
“Oh, it’s nothing personal, Miss. You’re just not very nice,” I said, and then I bowed lightly. “Good night, Miss.”

Good night, lovelies!

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