Twice Fortnightly – That Vacation Vibe

Today, over a week into my time off, I finally got that feeling of being on vacation. I spent all day reading, then all evening binging on Jane the Virgin (which, btw, is hilarious and you should totally watch it). All of last week was so full of plans, there was something every day and even though most of it was fun stuff like Christmas (which, btw, I hope you had a great one) it was so nice to just do fuckall today. In spite of all said plans, I managed to stay pretty productive. I:

  • Wrote a spotlight post of my Christmas favorites.
  • Posted a flash fiction piece that is also a little teaser for my upcoming Patreon!
  • Worked for about 6h on my upcoming patreon project, then I made a decision that made the 5 of those hours that were research rendered pointless (but fun all the same). But that’s okay, I have a better grasp of what I want to do now.
  • Ate, drank and was merry!

This coming week is gonna be a weird one, because it’s gonna be the start of 2016 which will be a weird year of less writing and more studying for me. I really need to get some proper planing in! Like, desperately. I need to get a concrete idea of how much time I’ll spend studying per week, and how much I’ll have left for writing. I’ve said that writing should be a “free time” thing rather than a “work from home time” thing in the spring, but I still wanna get a grasp of how much time I can expect to be able to put into it. So this week I will:

  • Plan my spring, including putting all my classes into my calendar, allocating studying time and writing time.
  • Spend at least 15h on my Patreon project, including writing my patreon description and starting the actual drafting.
  • Read! Need to get some reading in before school picks up and I get too distracted.
  • Do my usual weekly blog posts, though we’ll see about the Worldbuilding Wednesday, I might skip that.

That feels like really little, but I’m not functioning at capacity due to all my nervousness about the spring, so it’ll have to do. Now it’s back to Jane the Virgin for me.

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