Twice Fortnightly – My Vacation Starts When?

Ho, boy! I do not feel like someone on vacation. Technically I’ve been off since Friday but the weekend, including Friday and today have been super busy, both with day job things and other things. Still, tomorrow I should get the last of the urgent day job stuff and some cleaning out of the way, and then I’ll be able to settle into a more comfortable holiday speed. Looking forward to that! During the past week, I:

  • Did both a Worldbuilding Wednesday and a Flash Fiction Friday post. Feels like the first time in ages, so yay!
  • Totally forgot to track how many hours I spent working on my upcoming project, but it was probably more in the 2-3h range. Like I said, very busy weekend! Booh!
  • Rewrote a short I wrote a while back. It’s not done yet, and I probably won’t touch it for a while on account of other plans, but it’s definitely an improvement.

Next week I want to:

  • Write a Flash Fiction Friday post, and post either a Worldbuilding Wednesday or another random post (depending on what I feel like).
  • Spend at least 10h on my upcoming project. Would prefer even more but we’ll see. Time to kick it up a gear.
  • Eat, drink and be merry!

Especially that last part! 😉

And though I’m a few days early, I want to wish you all a very happy Christmas, no matter how you celebrate (or don’t). Personally, I am looking forward to it very much, particularly the food and, hopefully, some time spent playing board games. And I’m not ashamed to admit it: the presents!


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