Twice Fortnightly – Gearing Up, Counting Down

I’ve been trying to get back to writerly stuff this week, and I’ve been somewhat successful. I’ve written a little most days, including posting a Flash Fiction Friday post. I’ve done a bit of planning for the spring, but not quite enough or in an organized enough manner. I’ve also gotten my butt out of the wagon with regards to some articles I’ve been putting off reading for Uni and done some pre-Christmas cleaning, so overall I count the week as a slow-paced victory. This week I have 3 days at the day job, and after that I’m off work for about 3 weeks, which will be lovely! I feel in need of a rest, and plowing through a bunch of books! On the writing front, my plan for this week is to:

  • Do both a Worldbuilding Wednesday and a Flash Fiction Friday post.
  • Spend at least 7h working on preparations and planning for an upcoming project. Why 7? I don’t know. There are 7 days of the week? I’ll probably not do an hour per day, but rather lump it up to my non-day job days, but it still felt like a good number.
  • Start re-writing a short I finished a couple of months ago.

It’s a fairly humble list, especially considering my planning and prep-work for said project involves a lot of headscratching and rambling incoherently at my partner at this stage, but I feel like I’m gearing up after this little slump and starting to get back to my old habits.

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