Twice Fortnightly – Last Week of Vacation

That’s right, next week I’m back to work again. I’m a bit nervous. Not about going back to work in and of itself, but about to what extent I’ll be able to keep my non-dayjob days active and productive. I’ve been getting a lot done these past few weeks, without feeling stressed, and I’d love to keep that up.

This past week, I skipped my Worldbuilding Wednesday but I did post some flash fiction! I also published my first erotic short, under the pen name Ayla Adore which you are free to check out if reading sexually explicit stories by me doesn’t weird you out. Fair warning though: it’s straight up erotica, what is usually called “stroke”, just plain sex and not much else.

In my last week before the dayjob remerges, I want to post my usual posts, get some real progress on my map and start edits on the next book I will be trying to finish as well as, possibly, a short story. I’m a bit nervous but it should be fun!

Sweet dreams ya’ll!

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