Spotlight – Christmas Faves

In lieu of a Worldbuilding Wednesday post, and with it being Christmas Eve (which for us Swedes is the big day of celebration, complete with opening presents and gorging ourselves on deliciousness) tomorrow, tonight I thought I’d bring you a short list of some Christmas media favorites of mine! Without further ado, let’s go: Love, Actually I feel like most Continue reading Spotlight – Christmas Faves

Twice Fortnightly – My Vacation Starts When?

Ho, boy! I do not feel like someone on vacation. Technically I’ve been off since Friday but the weekend, including Friday and today have been super busy, both with day job things and other things. Still, tomorrow I should get the last of the urgent day job stuff and some cleaning out of the way, and then I’ll be able to settle Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – My Vacation Starts When?

Twice Fortnightly – Almost Christmas

I can’t believe it’s only two days until Christmas! Okay, three for a lot of you but in this neck of the woods, we celebrate on the 24th. I have it mostly under control: the flat is clean-ish and has been at least partially Christmassed up, the presents are wrapped all except two and I know what I’m wearing to Continue reading Twice Fortnightly – Almost Christmas