Twice Fortnightly – Almost Drafted!

What a week! It seems spring has come to Stockholm and I’ve been enjoying the lovely weather as well as doing a lot of writing. Here’s what I’ve done:

  • Drafted chapters 15-19 of Dress Rehearsal Rag. It’s weird, I’m not sure why I had this as my goal since the plan was to only have 20 chapters and it’s odd to leave one out. But as it turns out, it’ll probably be 21 chapters instead, leaving me two for next week.
  • Done my daily writing about half of the days…
  • Post about starting a business.
  • Contacted some beta readers.
  • Did a bit of poking around about POD options. I’ll make a decision soon.

I also sort of managed to break one of my favorite story ideas. I now have 3 different versions of it in my head and don’t know which one I like the best. Annoying…
So it looks like I’m finishing the rewrite of Dress Rehearsal Rag this week! Yay! My plan is to:

  • Finish the last two chapters of Dress Rehearsal Rag and, possibly, send it to betas. It might end up being the week after this or something, though.
  • Do my daily writing every day once the work above is done, minimum 200 words/day. Yes, a slight increase.
  • Start looking for someone to do a back and spine cover for Going Home and make a decision about POD.
  • Post a guest post by Zee Southcombe. My first guest post here on the blog, so that’s pretty exciting.
  • Try to mend the idea I mentioned above.

That’s about it. It’s pretty dang exciting to have made such a lot of progress with Dress Rehearsal Rag. Of course there’ll be a lot of re-writing and editing even after I get feedback from my betas (not to mention print it out and read it myself, again), but it’s still a big step forward. Now, I wish you a good night. Have some crocuses:

Yay spring!

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