Twice Fortnightly – Slow Grind

As you may have noticed, it is Tuesday. Yesterday I was in such an off mood, I spent the whole day watching Orphan Black and then slumped directly into bed after an evening visit at my parents’ place. Bleh! So I’m blogging today instead. The week has been all right but slow. For some reason, I often get a really tired patch around this time of year, as the light begins to return. Hopefully I’ll be out of it soon. In spite of this increase in desire to nap, this week I have:

  • Done my daily writing. Mostly…
  • Posted about The Liebster Award here on the blog. Check it out if you haven’t yet! I’ve even tagged you πŸ˜‰
  • Started what I call “pre-edits” of Going Home. Basically I go through the notes I made while reading my draft chapter by chapter, make some minor adjustments and then highlighting the sections that need the most work. I’m about halfway through pre-editing at this point.
  • Poked my master list. Just a bit. Like, enough to make sure it was still alive.

This next week I plan to:

  • Do my daily writing. Word goal: 100 per day. I’ve been using the “hey, I wrote a haiku”-defense a bit too often lately.
  • Finish pre-editing the sequel
  • Post some haikus to Wattpad. I should really start uploading those as I write them instead of doing it in batches.
  • Post on the blog about some cool new releases by some of my writer friends. Awesome!

Oh, and on Friday, Going Home is being reviewed on The Perks of Being a Book Girl. Unless it’s a different book named Going Home; they didn’t put my name with the title in the “upcoming posts” post, but since they did agree to review it a while back I think it’s a fairly safe assumption. I had no idea how nerve-wracking it would be to know there’s a review coming on a particular day but have no idea what it’s gonna say!

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