Flash Fiction Friday – Someday

Presented without comment:


I imagine there’ll be sun spilling in through the window, painting golden streaks across the bedspread and the pillows that trail all the way to the door. I imagine there’s birdsong coming in through a slightly opened window.

I imagine I’ve been up for a little while, sipping tea out of one of their mugs and reading on my phone, when I hear them stir. I imagine their pajamas are grey and cornflower blue and very soft, and they’re still half asleep on their side, an arm over their eyes against the morning light.

I imagine slipping into bed behind them and snuggling up close, slipping an arm around their waist and hooking a leg over theirs. I imagine they smell like sunlight and cinnamon, and that I nuzzle their neck and place a kiss just below their hairline.

I imagine.

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