Twice Fortnightly – Instant Emma?

Hey hey! I’m on Instagram. I’m not sure what I think of it yet, but I’m getting the hang of it. I was quite surprised to see there was already an EmmaLindhagen on there, hence the “author” part of my username. So yeah, maybe follow me on there or whatever.

So, social media exploration aside, this week I have:

  • Hit 11k with Camp. It’s going pretty well! I’m gonna make 25k for sure, but obviously that won’t be the whole novel. I might try to do the rest during big NaNo in November.
  • Not blogged anything else. Been busy with other stuff, and a bit lazy, but oh well.
  • Written another review on Hubpages, however I forgot to take the photos so it’s not published yet.

So this coming week, the plan is:

  • More Camp. Goal: 20k.
  • Flash Fiction Friday.
  • Post on Zero, Eight, Love.
  • Post another Hubpages review (as well as this week’s one).

A bit ambitious but fuck it, let’s do this thing!

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