Twice Fortnightly – Miss me?

Hello lovelies!

Boy, has this blog been dead lately? I have had a bad case of “holy shit, what even is to-do lists and writing stuff” lately, with the day job being super busy for a while and my studies remaining super busy. For that reason, I haven’t been doing much worth reporting lately. I did some flash fiction about two weeks ago and I have finally started my Camp NaNo prep in earest this week, but other than that… nope! I am now off from the day job until sometimes in August, and will mostly be focused on my BA thesis work, but will be getting back into the writing swing, too. So here’s my plans for the week:

  • Do a bit more Camp Prep (character descriptions and maybe a very quick outline)
  • Start Camp NaNo on Friday! Weeeh!
  • Put up some Flash Fiction on Friday, which may or may not be Camp-related.
  • Post a new review on Hubpages.
  • Possibly, probably, launch a new blog. I’m going to be telling you about it as soon as it’s up!

And now, lovelies, I need to get some sleep.

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