Twice Fortnightly – Gone Camping! Sorta…

Ok, short post today! This week I have:

  • Started Camp NaNo. I’ve had a very slow start, just a few hundred words so far. It’s hard to feel motivated when I could easily reach my goal in about 3 days if I really made an effort. Still, gotta speed up a bit so I don’t have to do that.
  • Posted some Flash Fiction, inspired by Lord of the Rings and specifically Arwen.
  • Started writing a Hubpages post.

Aaaaand, that’s it, dudes… yeah, I did not have a very writery week. I got a lot of thesis work done, though!

This coming week I will:

  • Keep poking at Camp. I want to at least get to 3k.
  • Actually poke my secret project
  • Post a review on Hubpages
  • Do Flash Fiction Friday, and maybe something else.

Hopefully I will be more successful!

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